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This special report covers all the revenue forecasts and trends florists need to know! Written and designed beautifully for florists, our report gives you insight into:

– Floral Trends For 2023
– Industry Revenue Over the Next 5 Years
– Tips to Spike Growth in 2023

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Written & Designed Beautifully For Florists

This is not your ordinary, boring industry report. We’ve covered only the most important trends and revenue forecasts every florist needs to know!



About the 2023 Trends Report

BloomNation compiled the Florists’ 2023 Trends Report to help florists make the most informed data-driven decisions for their business. You’ll discover next year’s trends in flower arrangements, bridal bouquets, houseplants, and more. Learn what’s expected in the floral industry over the next five years, from revenue to employment. This is not your ordinary, boring industry report. The Trends Report was created for florists and designed beautifully. The data contained in the report is too expensive for most people to access individually (one of the industry reports we resourced costs $1,000). So BloomNation is curating it for florists everywhere for free!